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Welcome to my website, that I trust you will find interesting and I hope inspiring.

I have been taking photographs of landscapes & nature for many years. Taking photographs of the beauty & magnificence of the natural world has always been an interest of mine.

What we see and what the camera sees can often be quite different, and it is this difference that draws me to capturing scenes that lifts the spirits, and be truly grateful that we live in such a beautiful world.

Being mindful of the world around as is, I believe , that most essential skill in the photographers arsenal. Mindful of fleeting moments, the small things that often go unnoticed , the changes of light, the patterns at light, and mindful of the planning required for that “perfect” shot. I don’t really believe there is a “perfect” shot of anything, as each photograph is a never to be repeated moment in time. A unique capture in time.

Photography takes little time to learn, but a lifetime to master. The tools of photography are like a painters brush, paint and canvas. It is the photographers imagination, insight & perception as like an artistic painter, that brings any photograph to life.

I am always discovering new ways to express my joy of photography which creates new ways of looking at things. Photography is a beautiful endeavour, with every photographer producing different interpretations of the same scene. It is their unique view of the world. My viewpoint which I am sharing with you through my photographs and text, is hopefully one that you will appreciate. I will be grateful if a photograph truly moves you and fills you with a joy, that you purchase it so it can hang on your wall.

German House, Adelaide Botanic Gardens
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If a photography has given you unbridled joy, and you would like to purchase a print to hang on your wall.  Please leave a message on the form – stating which photo (they are numbered) you desperately want, the size you require and the finish (canvas, metallic, parchment etc).  Details can be found on the Prices page.  At the moment I do not have a print order or digital download system, but will in the near future,  


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Satisfied Customers

Gorgeous Mural

Philip BakerI commissioned Garry to create a mural of our garden and place called Riverbend at Wilson Creek, just outside Mullumbimby, NSW. 

This was required as we placed it on the market and shifted to the Gold Coast in Queensland, but wanted a memory that we could look at everyday of wonderful times.

Philip B.

Inspiring Scene

Stan QuilliamThis comment is my own.  It is a story about my father, who died last year.  That is his picture at 92.

My father become ill, and in the last year of his life was shifted into a nursing home.  I took some photos of mine to him to cheer him up, and take his mind off things.  He took great affection to a photo from the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria.  It is a photo of the Bay of Martyrs.  I knew it would bring him some joy as I know of his love of this region, and have a photo of him standing on the very spot from where I took the photo.

The aged care workers would often comment about the photo, to which he replied with great pride, “My son took that photo”. Miss you, Dad.

Garry Q..

Peaceful View of Garden

Krys NoahI love the green archway in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia. Garry;’s picture of it, with full greenery captured the essence of the archway.  I have it place on my wall in the passage, opposite my bedroom.  Every morning I wake up I am greeted by this familiar scene.

It starts my day with peace and tranquility as I prepare for my day of counselling clients.

Krys N.